From women-specific gear development to non-profit partnerships and women-centric storytelling, 50 50 on the Water aims to inspire and celebrate women in the sport we all love.

Why are there more women not on the water? What keeps some of them away from participating? Fly Fishing is a game of stalking, accuracy and precision. Women are just as competent as men in the sport, yet it is still male-dominated in most parts of the world.

With their new initiative, Orvis UK ask important questions to understand why there is a disbalance between male and female anglers. In order to alter this diversity, Orvis strive to first understand the issues which might cause women to hold back from this brilliant sport.

In an attempt to establish gender parity by the riverbank, Orvis UK’s comprehensive 50 50 on the water campaign will instigate tailored learning and adventure experiences so as to encourage more women to the sport; by educating, improving confidence and growing accessibility Orvis hope to level the playing field and see an equal split of fishermen and women enjoying the river bank together.

Orvis aim to remove the mystery of gear selection and will offer pathways to skill and community-building within the fishing world. With an ever-growing range of bright and brilliant gender-specific fishing clothing, Orvis additionally aim to maintain the energy and life of fly-fishing as a sport. They recognise the importance of social media as a tool for communicating this rejuvenation and will be applauding women of all ages, body shapes and experience as they showcase the shared enjoyment fishing brings to participants.

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