Fishing in West Harting

Fishing in West Harting

Lola enjoys a day out of the office, and onto the river banks of West Harting.

I may be a girl about town although never happier when charging along a river bank or picking up after a drive after mum has been shooting. Last week, we fled the city to see top fly fishing instructor Gilly Bate. We’ve been actively involved in Orvis’ 50 50 Campaign which aims to have 50% of people on the bank women by 2020. Well, we scored a straight 100% on this trip with me, Emma from the Zambuni office and Gilly. I adore fly fishing. Mum’s a huntress and I am her wing girl so any chance to be in the countryside by her side hunting for quarry, I’m there. Although we practice catch and release on some of the wild rivers we fish, here however, the intention was always to bring a trout or two home for tea. There’s something ultimately satisfying about eating what you kill and it’s always delicious too.

We met Gilly at her home and I have to say Alfie, the cocker spaniel immediately caught my eye. He is black like me with a twinkle in his eye. Unfortunately, Alfie didn’t come to the lakes as he’s a little too talkative. The humans call it barking, but what do they know. Everyone likes a cheeky chappie.

The lakes were beautiful. I was so grateful to be out of the office for a day. I know that mum was keen for Emma to get the most of Gilly’s expertise on the day so we left them to it and headed to the top of the lake. It was literally teaming with fish and I sat watching the trout rise with mum as she pulled them in, while using her trusty Orvis Helios 2 and Mirage reel.

As the sun came out it became really exciting as you could see the big fat rainbows chasing the fly. What a day, we caught and released quite a few and then took four home. We live in Queens Park in North West London. We gave our Rastafarian neighbours a trout for tea, had one ourselves and there are two in the freezer so we can entertain at a later date.


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