Leading chefs compete in shooting competition

Leading chefs compete in shooting competition

To celebrate the consumption of British game across the country and its growth over the last decade, Boisdale Restaurants, who have been serving game since 1989, brought together the best in the restaurant business to go head-to-head for the ultimate title of Shooting Chef of the Year 2018.

The competition saw the finest chefs and restaurateurs compete against each other to shoot clays on simulated drives at the West London Shooting School. The six teams competed in a range of simulated drives with an assortment of clays including Pigeon, High Pheasant and Rabbit and culminating in a magnificent five gun flurry, with Nick Weston of Hunter Gather Cook being crowned champion for the second year running. There were no sore losers as Stuart Turner was awarded the ‘Most Appalling Shot’.

Following the shoot, the chefs were treated to The King’s Ginger cocktails and Orchard View Cider before a sumptuous game lunch hosted at Boisdale of Belgravia.

The competition marks the continuation of Boisdale Restaurants’ campaign to draw further public and media attention to the promotion of British game in all restaurants across the UK.


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