Taking on Marylebone

Taking on Marylebone

By Sophie Skelton

Mummy has now moved into the new office in Marylebone, though lots of essentials haven’t been brought over yet (such as all of my toys!) but I’m sure they’ll be here soon! My super comfy Orvis bed fits perfectly under the desk so I have a great excuse to lounge around all day which is great. We’ve had lots of visitors this week too and it’s been really fun meeting them and getting lots of attention, even more than usual! It’s a shame though because I haven’t had as many treats as I thought I’d get from them, just lots of cuddles which I guess I can’t complain about.

Lola in an office chair

Keeping Mum’s chair warm

Being a city girl, I love being in such an exciting and cool part of London, all my friends are so jealous. However, they don’t know the true struggles of being a city dog as I seem to walk for miles without seeing any grass when all I want to do is pee. The pavement is just not the place for that!

Lola in the park

Exploring the park

So far, I’ve made a few visits to Grosvenor Square, the fabulous Hyde Park and Regents Park are just on the doorstep which is simply the dream. When I’m there I take full advantage of stretching my legs and playing with the other dogs. Home House is also just a short walk from the office so at lunch time Mummy and I sometimes visit for a quick drink and snack: they’re always so welcoming. Overall, I love the new office and I can’t wait to explore the area more, which means I will have to be taken on lots more walks, sorry Mum!

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