Shifting Focuses…

Shifting Focuses…

I founded Zambuni almost 8 years ago and the business has taken many twists and turns. As a business owner I have discovered that I need to be both resilient and adaptable.

I can whole heartedly say that I have never been as satisfied with my professional life. We are working on stimulating and progressive projects and I feel that our clients put their trust in us which is a huge honour.

I founded Zambuni as I could see that brands in what I named the ‘country lifestyle sector’ could benefit from PR & Marketing support. From my passion in the field and also a background in marketing and PR, it seemed like a natural progression. Our earliest clients, Cirrus Inns and Orvis are still very much part of the fold and our relationship with both have developed and grown over the years.

Two years ago, I started to remodel the business. I knew it would be a slow process although I was keen that my clients reflected our passions, beliefs and ethos here at Zambuni. I was also keen that I made some more time for myself and that meant working less hours, but more effectively.

As with all life changes, it definitely helps to take some time for yourself and I did this by going to spend a week at my best friend’s yoga retreat, Yobaba Lounge, in the South of France. I had been visiting the area for over 20 years and loved its rich history, arcana and dramatic mountainous horizons. I decided that with the Brexit vote, I wanted to keep a foot in Europe so started to hunt for a house. It also represented a different focus from work, a retreat where I could have the time to let new ideas come to me and action them. I found that house and put an offer in. Press fast forward a year and I was with the man I’m now engaged to and yet the house was still not mine. We completed in January of this year and it has provided the perfect haven far from the madding crowd.

What I realised was that I was committed to best practice, sustainability, quality and working with partners who looked to the future. I really enjoyed the strategic work I did with clients and wanted to develop that side. The world is a changing place with many challenges and I was keen that our work reflected a desire to change things for the better and communicate this effectively. Whether it was inspiring people to get outdoors and experience nature through fly fishing and cosy staycations, communicating the British Game Alliance’s key work in marketing British Game and their assurance scheme, working with game welfare vets, St David’s communicating their preventative strategies and goal of best practice at driven shoots around the country, working with Orvis on their eco-conscious range of clothing and dog beds, saving millions of plastic bottles from the ocean, building the Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival to encourage more people to explore the coastline with a rod or working on new projects at The Game Fair to encourage a more diverse audience.

I have a small, yet strong team in the office who are also committed to working on projects with principles. They make it their business to understand sometimes complicated issues so they provide the support and advice that our clients expect. Writing thought pieces and articles is a daily part of our world and so being fully engaged in the concepts and issues is paramount. A fervour for conservation and encouraging best practice is also essential.

I am very proud to have them as colleagues.

My personal consultancy continues to grow and it is hugely satisfying to be able to put all the industry knowledge and contacts I have made over the past 20 years to positive use. We have developed some key strategic partnerships and new events this year and I am looking forward to many more stimulating projects to come over the coming months.

– Claire

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