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Business Coaching

2020 was a formative year with many life changes, losses, challenges and opportunity for celebration and reflection.

Working in challenging conditions during lockdowns in a small flat in London reinforced just how much I adore my business and my clients as it was predominantly a positive focus.

We are there to serve our clients and that was never put to the test more than when a pandemic struck. We lost several clients who had been with Zambuni since I founded the company in 2012. It was heart-breaking and although I was able to make use of the furlough scheme, it became clear to me that I would have to let a treasured member of staff go.

We made the difficult decision to relinquish the office in May when our contract ran out and for the time being, are working remotely. This has included time in London, France, Cumbria and Jersey.

One silver lining of the current turmoil is that it has led us to reimagine how we want to rebalance our lives. With many of us now able to or having to work remotely, we are also reminded of the benefits of spaciousness and connection to nature as an integral part to our work life balance.

The pandemic offered me the opportunity to focus, make changes, re-evaluate and transform the business, my definition of success and ambition.

I began to understand how critical conversations with others were. Conversations comforted, inspired, reassured, found solutions and welcomed new opportunities, many of these had to take place on Zoom or Skype and the ones in person were treasured.

Through conversation, new opportunities arose and we leapt at them. They reflected our values. All of a sudden, I found myself building a website for a significant conservation body and working with an organisation who are a dedicated team of lawyers who use the law to fight polluters, organisations, institutions and other who damage and threaten the water environment on behalf of anglers. I wanted to pinch myself.

With so many divisive things happening in the world and widely different opinions – I could see just how vital it was to keep conversations going. Thinking back at some of the turning points in my life, they have often started with a simple conversation, like when I founded Zambuni when a friend was staying from New Zealand and I started the conversation, ‘I’ve been thinking…’. The conversation that followed gave me the final push I needed to go it alone with lots at stake as a single mother.

Conversations can be hard although so rewarding if you can remain curious. I lost my Dad in July 2020 and conversations with my family, partner and friends became critical to cope with the grief and work on what we needed to cohesively and effectively to be there to support Mum.

I have a business I am proud of although that takes work and was acutely aware I wanted to use these extraordinary circumstances to pave the way for something greater. I wanted to understand myself better and train in something that could help others navigate through change. Therefore, I embarked on an ICF Accredited Life Coaching Course with Elite Coaching in Frankfurt and spent every Thursday evening for the next 8 months studying for an ICF Accredited course with Ashraf of Elite Coaching in Frankfurt. My classmates were an inspirational group of international women who I am now very proud to call friends. It taught me how to help identify unique opportunities within my business and others and make them happen.

Goal setting, taking action and planning for the future can bring a huge sense of positivity during what can be an unpredictable time. After successfully navigating my business through change and renewal, I am now looking forward to helping other business owners and entrepreneurs refine their path.

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