Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

Membership in the Zambuni Collective is open to individuals, small companies, cooperatives, and baby brands engaged in heritage craftsmanship as well as the innovative use of new and traditional skills and techniques.

Membership benefits include:

  • the opportunity to meet representatives from other authentic, heritage, and craft brands and their supporters and backers at salon-style events;
  • opportunities for knowledge-sharing with key experts and members of relevant communities;
  • opportunities to pool resources and exchange creative ideas;
  • opportunity for media and community exposure as an authentic, heritage, and craft brand;
  • opportunity to attend, sponsor, and host Zambuni Collective events;
  • opportunities for brand promotion and networking;
  • a newsletter; and more.

Membership is available for a low annual fee of £840 + VAT, and future events will focus on raising finance and promoting brand profile in the media.

Testimonial about the ZC from Brita Hirsch, of Hirsch Tailoring:

Claire Zambuni encouraged me to look into the possibility of exhibiting at Best of Britannia in Shoreditch from 26th to 28th June. Visiting the exhibition site, the beautiful Nicholls and Clarke Building, for an open day, she identified a pitch suitable for my (tiny) budget.  Knowing I needed to take my brand out to a larger, and, critically, relevant audience, I jumped at the opportunity after studying the exhibitors list, which was impressive.
It turned out to be a lucky coincidence that, just a few weeks prior to the event, the Zambuni Collective, which is supporting craftsmen and authentic luxury brands, launched with an intimate lunch hosted by Claire and Trevor Pickett at his shop at Burlington Gardens. The meeting was dedicated to the question of how independent brands could get the most from presence, branding, and sponsorship. Not having taken part in a trade show previously, I took away invaluable advice with a view to showing at BoB. 
It was really helpful to be able to discuss with Joe Pigeon, who represented BoB at the Zambuni Collective luncheon, ways to make the Hirsch Tailoring exhibit interesting for visiting trade buyers, press, and general audience alike. His advice was not to rely on the strength of the exhibits (in my case: three tailoring dummies dressed in one-off bespoke garments) alone, but to be approachable as the person behind the brand. In order to signal availability for a chat his tip was to adopt a body language signalling openness, however without being intrusive. Allowing people space and time to browse but being ready the moment they want to know more about the product on offer is key. No falling for too much social media browsing or chatting to stall neighbours during show time turned out to be a good strategy, as challenging as it can be when spending 10 hours on your feet.
Another good idea was to make the exhibits more interesting for the audience through engagement. Within the confines of the available space it wasn’t possible for me to give live tailoring demonstrations (a fellow exhibitor, Cheaney Shoes, had a cobbler on site) but showing a half-finished bespoke garment proved to be a great success. People could touch and feel the various layers of material and see the internal structure of the fully canvassed garment, which proved to be really insightful for many.
To provide an even more tactile, memorable experience for those visitors who were interested in knowing more about my product, I had prepared a small info pack, which contained, in addition to the essential contact information and company background, a swatch of cloth. I am expecting that, by simply being able to feel the quality of the material, potential customers will be reminded of the visit at my stall and, hopefully, come back to me with an order enquiry in the future. 
Other advice I was given at the Zambuni Collective event was to grant discounts, give freebies, or provide hospitality. I noticed that some of my fellow exhibitors were very successful with this strategy.”

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