Business Coaching

Business Coaching

As an entrepreneur with my own business for 10 years, I know what it takes to make a business successful and adapt to changing situations and focuses.

‘When we went into lockdown in 2020, I went into coaching. We lost our hospitality and events clients overnight, as well as our hub of creativity, hard work and fun – our central London office. Suddenly I found myself on the kitchen table having to make very difficult decisions.’

The future is full of uncertainties, but with a clear focus on your goals and understanding of what you need to help you achieve them, this is an ideal time to have a positive reset with coaching.

‘From the coaching I had, I realised I wanted to take this further and become an ICF accredited coach and jumping at the opportunity to really get to know myself. I have now completed an accredited course, am in a coaching mentor program and have a business mentor. In trusting myself I now trust that my business can survive and thrive whilst reflecting my core values and beliefs and serving my clients to our best ability.’

With video conferencing replacing every meeting, our former working relationships have dramatically changed. The very nature of video conferencing requires meetings to be more formal and structured, especially in larger groups. This is hard for teams that value collaborative decision making. No longer will we take for granted the casual office interaction in the kitchen

‘Coaching has helped me identify new ways of working and implement them.’

Lost teamwork coupled with the unique personal stress everyone is dealing with means we need to constantly revaluate what is working for us.

‘Coaching helped keep me motivated and focus on positive goals to constantly adapt to the changing situation. I was able to identify priorities whilst keeping an eye on the future.’

We used this extraordinary time to analyse our strengths and weaknesses, understand the most important numbers in our business, explore further areas we could support our existing clients and ultimately improve our business profit.

Fear is the biggest killer of dreams in a business. It is an emotion and you have a choice in your emotion. The opposite to emotion is logic.

‘Coaching helped us to be logical and create a plan, turning fears into a step by step action plan. It gave me strategies to overcome fear and identify the opportunity.

Ultimately coaching offered me the opportunity to hold myself accountable and take action’.

I am currently taking bookings for business coaching in 2021. Rates start from £100 per month. Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more.