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Migrating a brand upwards takes years of careful nurturing

In simple terms you could define a brand as a series of promises kept. The promise made by its identity; the consistent application of components such as typeface, colour and art direction; where the brand is promoted, distributed and how it is built and specified – never mind its price point, the celebrities with whom […]

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Demand for game to benefit whole supply chain

Game is going mainstream in the UK, with sales set to soar further, says one of the country sports’ leading public figures. And, says renowned shot and stalker Claire Zambuni, rising demand could drive improved margins for the whole supply chain, benefitting the rural economy as a whole. The BASC Council member and regular magazine […]

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Olympics an opportunity for shooting sports to change public understanding of firearms use in the UK

The London Olympics represent “the best chance in a generation” to improve the public’s understanding of the shooting community’s law-abiding history and role in conservation, says a leading public relations expert. Dougal Paver, managing partner of PR agency Zambuni Paver, which works with leading shooting brands such as Barbour, says that the British public is […]

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