Emma, Trout, Lily & Cassius..

My apologies. I know I have not written to my dear readers for many weeks. I have had good reason.

Initially, I simply wasn’t feeling well, and this carried on for many weeks. I was lethargic, disinterested in the Green Park squirrels – those rascals who must be kept on their toes – and felt weak and bloated.  I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. Quietly, I fretted.

But then Mum took me to the vet, and an ultrasound showed I was pregnant with five puppies! Mystery solved.

Two weeks later, on Tuesday the 9th of June, in the late afternoon, the first puppy arrived just as midwife and experienced puppy handler Emma Harrison arrived to help.  The first little liver girl we named Emma, after EH. She was chunky (EH is NOT), with a dainty flash of white on her chest. Everyone gathered round in awe of how tiny and cute she was. I felt very proud.10402558_1600902150190750_6444305757029621980_n

After about 20 minutes the second puppy began to come, but she was breach and a very large girl, which made it somewhat difficult (rather more than that!). A rotund girl arrived.  She was tragically still; I was heartbroken, but the next one was coming and I couldn’t allow my energyand hope to flag.

Thank heavens for my able midwife, EH, who spent an hour resuscitating the still puppy with Mummy Claire on hand to help. She began to come back to us; she let out a cry that was the most heart-warming noise I have ever heard. We called her Trout.1450303_1600891600191805_1116465347764229964_n

Trout got her name because she is a big rolly-polly pup, something we all put down to me being fed trout that Mummy cooked for me after her fishing trip with Orvis. Trout and salmon are part of an ideal pregnant-Mum’s diet, and delicious to boot. Trout was the girl of the hour, and everyone wanted to hold her – we were all so relieved and full of joy. I wanted to share Trout with my beloved Mum and dear midwife EH, but to be honest I didn’t like to have her away from me for even a minute.

The third puppy birth was very uneventful and went quite smoothly: a black girl was born with little white toes. My three babies all snuggled with me and I dozed off. Emma left and everyone began to settle down. I can’t explain it, but I knew I hadn’t finished, and at around 12pm my first son was born! He was half the size of Trout; we named him Cassius. So after four exhausting hours I went to sleep with my four puppies curled up around me.

Soon hopefully I can get back to keeping those wiley, fractious Green Park squirrels in line – but now I will have four little helpers.11412309_10153361562114985_4759909734520136861_n

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