Fly-Fishing, the past time of bloggers

On the 30th September, Orvis were joined by a group of upcoming lifestyle and fashion bloggers to experience a past time that they had never had the opportunity to engage in before.  We began in the Orvis store on Regent Street for a spot of lunch as James, Orvis’ Fieldsports Manager, talked through a brief history of the brand and the plan for the afternoon ahead.  It was refreshing to see a collection of young, fashion-orientated ladies who were keen to get stuck in to something new.  Talking to each of the bloggers, whose content covers everything from food to fashion, they admitted that fly-fishing rarely enters in to their daily work-blog lives!

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After a few glasses of Prosecco we made our way to Green Park, just a short walk past Fortnum & Mason and The Ritz. The rods were quickly assembled and after a brief lesson by Richard Banbury, Fieldsports Director, they were off! When you first learn to cast it does seem somewhat unnatural that you use little force, but with the experienced guidance of the Orvis ghillies everyone soon got the hang of it. The concentration and determination on their faces was a fantastic sight. Our new audience was hooked, so it would seem…

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We were blessed with glorious sunshine and we had the perfect spot looking down the avenue of trees to Buckingham Palace!  Much better than the date that we had planned before when lightning was forecast, we wouldn’t want to electrocute anyone! But our patience paid off and we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in Green Park mastering the art of casting.

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We brought a long with us a pair of waders for the bloggers to sport if they wished. Lana Suhova from Fashion Fake managed to make them look rather chic! Pairing them with a tweed jacket, somehow, she pulled the look off!


As the sun started to lower, the cold autumn air rolled in and that was our cue to head back to the store for a cup of tea and cake. We made our way back through Mayfair to the store and discussed the afternoon, with James and Richard answering questions.

It was a pleasure to see so many newcomers learning the fundamentals of fly-fishing with such enthusiasm. Those two precious hours spent away from their desks and their smart phones, certainly has prepared them for their next fly-fishing adventure, wherever it may take them.

Many thanks to everyone who joined us and we’re glad you had ‘fun on the fly’ with Orvis.

For more information on the free beginners courses which Orvis offer out of their stores please contact

Many thanks to the Orvis team and Lana Suhova from Fashion Fake, David Hamilton from The Gentleman Traveller, Charlotte Clark from The London Blog, Elizabeth Attew from Mayfair Office Girl, Janna Brom from Velondonista, Erin Niimi Longhurst from Island Bell and Natalie Redman from Up Your Vlog




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