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Celebration seemed to be the theme of this year’s Game Fair what with the extremely successful launch of Orvis brand new Helios 3 Rod and William Evans’s deliciously smart St. James Tweed and new gun. The Zambuni team hosted a drinks reception with British Polo Gin in honour of the launch of Orvis’ new rod, attended by James Stokoe, The London Fly Fishing Fair and The London Wing Shooting Fair founders John and Fergus Kelley, Hywel Morgan, Guns on Pegs, the GWCT and more -perhaps it was in light of the merriment induced by this drinks reception that the crowd continued on to the famous French 75 Party hosted by The Field at the Old Palace.
The Zambuni team hit the ground running at 8 am the next morning with exuberant energy and impressive stoicism. The six rods available at the Orvis UK stand lured passers-by over to try a cast and even ensnared Richard Banbury who stopped to have a chat with Trout and Salmon magazine before engaging in a hands on experience with the rods himself. Additionally, the new St. James Tweed and gun proved a real talking point for The Shooting Times UK editor Patrick Galbraith and Alastair Phillips who were both papped enjoying the collection and each other’s company at The William Evans Ltd stand. If the response that these products has had on social media since the Game Fair is anything to go by, then everyone was immensely impressed by these items and can’t wait to get their hands on them. All in all a highly enjoyable, successful Game Fair– we can’t wait till the next one..!


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