Glorious Grouse: Top Tips for the Season

Today the crackle of shotguns has been echoing in the ears of eager game shots across the UK as the Grouse season opens once again. Glorious Twelfth is possibly the most anticipated day of the year in the shooting community, ringing in the start of the season.

To celebrate, we give you twelve top tips for the Grouse season.

1) Invest in a side-by-side shotgun from Arrieta.

Arrieta exclusively supplies the finest Spanish side-by-side shotguns, hand-made by a team of highly skilled gunsmiths. Such exceptional quality is noticeable in the fine materials used and carefully executed details. State of the art engraving, hand-applied oil finish to the wooden elements of the finest walnut are examples of the dedication and devotion that stand behind an Arrieta shotgun and rifle. This year, Arrieta celebrates its 75th Anniversary.


2) Sport your finest lightweight tweed from R. Ward for a refined and elegant look in the field.

RW lightweight tweed mens RW lightweight tweed womens

3) Pick performance pieces from Musto and Schoffel, which will be sure to see you through the wet and wild weather on the moors.

Musto Westmoor Jacket Schoffel Ptarmigan Breeks

4) Field to Fork: support your local Grouse Run and enjoy fresh, high quality game. Each year Simon Davis, head chef at The Yew Tree Inn, in Highclere, takes part in the great Grouse Race in his “Drive to Serve the Best”.

Grouse Run

5) Cover up in cashmere. When it comes to cashmere, N.Peal are true specialists. Their Oxford Round Neck jumper in Blue Wave,  as worn by the character of James Bond in Skyfall, is a must-have.

N Peal Cashmere

6) Layer-up with a classic Signature Twill Shirt, a Schoffel Gilet and Orvis’ Summerweight Field Coat.

 Orvis SIgnature Twill Shirt Schoffel Vest Summerweight Field Coat

7) Have fun with Grouse inspired accessories from Atkinsons and Murray Ward, available at A Hume Country Clothing.

Grouse Tie murray ward cufflinks

8) Sip your sloe gin from a traditional leather-bound flask from Pickett.

Pickett flasks

9) Safety first: save your ear drums from a beating with these ear defenders from Orvis.

Ear Defenders

10) Travel in style with luxury luggage from Pickett, available in a variety of skins and colour ways.

 Pickett Luggage.png

11) Bring a R.Ward shooting seat along with you to save your legs on the peg.

Ray Ward Shooting Stick

12) Complete your outfit with a traditional flat cap or add a bit of flair with the Madison Hat by Christys’ from A Hume Country Clothing.

Madison Hat Roxburgh Mains Tweed Cap

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