Graceful Grayling on the River Test

Tucked away in Hampshire lies Orvis’ pristine Kimbridge beat. From April onwards, this stretch of the River Test is abundant with keen fishermen and women, ready with their rods to snare a prized trout from the renowned chalkstream.

However, back in December it was an entirely different scene.  On a somewhat mild winter morning all was quiet, with just a few exceptions: Patrick Tillard, Deputy Editor of The Gentleman’s Journal, Tom Gladdle, Orvis Brand Ambassador, Marina Gibson and adventure guinea pigs, The Turner Twins.

The team piled out of a Land Rover Discovery Sport ready for day of uninterrupted fly-fishing. Whipping out their colourful flies and charming personalities, this merry gang of passionate fly-fishers hastily began rigging their fly-rods to hook not a trout but instead the seemingly elusive Lady of the Stream: a grayling.

Marina quickly put the boys to shame, landing a big beautiful grayling with enviable ease and grace within the first half an hour. With competitiveness running high, the Turner Twins, Tom and Patrick set to work among the bubbling top pool to catch their own grayling. Thankfully there were a number of success stories (some bigger than others), which remedied some rather bruised egos!

Many thanks to Orvis UK for a fantastic day, expertly hosted by Orvis Fieldsports Director, Richard Banbury.

To read The Gentleman’s Journal’s article, ‘ The Best Kept Secret in Fly-Fishing’, visit:

Click here to read Marina Gibson’s blog about our action-packed day on the Test.

Fly box hugo turner

Marina and Turner Twins Marina catches her first grayling

marina with trout  Turner Twins

Photo credit: Patrick Tillard and Richard Banbury

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