What fly-fishing? Learning to cast in Green Park

IMG_9229 On Thursday Mum took me to the new Orvis flagship store on Regent Street  to meet a bunch of new people. I sniffed them and discovered they’d come from all over – some from as far away as the north of Scotland! – and most of them had dogs at home, but they hadn’t brought them, which was a pity.

They drank champagne and ate sandwiches and most of them forgot to give me any! Even though I was using my irresistible sad-doe-eyes. I started to worry, but then one very tall man with a television camera slipped me a bacon sandwich, so that was alright.


After the eating and talking at the store, we went to Green Park, which is my home away from home. I chase squirrels there almost every weekday – the Green Park squirrels are fast! I’ve never caught one, but I’ve come very, very close. I know all the squirrels individually now; you see the same faces and smell the same smells every week. They know to run as quick as they can when they see me! So I usually try to sneak up on them…

Mum and the big group of people with us all started faffing about with long sticks – they called them rods. They were laughing and chatting about ‘learning to fly-fish’ and ‘learning to cast’…. Whatever that means. I had more important things to do.


I found a great stick! Not too big, not too small. I dropped it at the feet of every person there. I looked at the stick, looked at the person, looked at the stick. I couldn’t have been clearer. And they understood me and threw it! And threw it, and threw it… Usually people will only throw two to three times, so it was great to have dozens of people to work with. I could have stayed there all night…

But eventually we went back to the Orvis shop for cupcakes. I’m not supposed to have sugar, but I found the nice bacon sandwich man and pleaded with him until he couldn’t resist. He looked round and slipped me a little piece under the table. Such illicit sweetness!

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