My week’s work experience at Zambuni PR by Ed Hammond

The past week at Zambuni PR has been a very insightful introduction into a completely new world of work in the city. Since Monday when I started I have learned many different skills, taught by a wonderful team of experienced PR experts! Which I will now have for the rest of my life.

When I arrived I had no idea what to expect.  Thrown into the deep end by my father, Mark, I came with little confidence and was very nervy! However in the first seconds of stepping into the office I was humbly welcomed and made to feel at home by a lovely team of girls; Claire, Rowena, Kate and Laura. The relaxed atmosphere made it easy for me to concentrate and take all of the information on board, before cracking down and starting my first job!

During the week I was set small tasks by the team, including finding names of Fashion editors and writers, and also writing e-mails to them about new press releases and products from the clients which Zambuni care for. These companies include Barbour, Pickett and Baron: all top end luxury brands which I was delighted to be finding out about and helping the team look after. I learned about a helpful website called Gorkana, where all the names of Journalists are listed, and this was a real help when gathering contact information about the bloggers and editors. One of the best perks of the week was being able to read many different magazines, ones such as Homme, GQ and my favorite, FHM! Finding names of Fashion Editors proposed a much bigger task whilst reading FHM compared with searching Gorkana!  

Not only was the week about learning how to work in the office and in the PR industry, but it was also about realising all the different aspects of working away from school. These were ones that I had no thought about before the week, such as getting up early to commute to and from London (as I live an hour away in West Sussex), navigating the tubes, finding places to eat and avoiding getting hit by the mad London taxis! These were all things which you can’t prepare for and were a dramatic part of the learning curve. 

All in all the week has been great and I will take every experience under my wing. I must thank Claire very much for giving her time up for me and allowing me to stay in the office. Also I must thank Rowena, Kate and Laura for being such a help in guiding me, and simply being a humerous, up-beat company!


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