Nourbel & Le Cavelier unveil their fresh & modern window display

Ivana Nohel, the brains behind Nourbel & Le Cavelier’s new window design, talks to Zambuni about the project that has generated a great deal of excitement and intrigue among the passing trade of the Burlington Arcade.

I am so proud of it! It’s so unusual and the timing is perfect because a few of the shops in the Arcade have really smartened up – or new ones have moved in, which have raised the tone. The Linley shop looks cute and the new N. Peal shop catapults them in to this century!

Chris Gill, who made all the tables in the Modern Pantry, is the man responsible for bringing my design to life.  His input and craftsmanship was invaluable because the material he used is a specialist material called HiMacs. It is used in the same way that marble would be used, on table tops, foyers and modern kitchens. The beauty is that unlike marble it can be moulded.

I wanted something that was very dynamic and had movement in the window because the space is so narrow and long. It is important to lead the eye from one side to the other before people get bored (and people’s attention span is short these days). I wanted the shelving to appear to be suspended magically, to add a whimsy and lightness to the backdrop of those spectacular jewels and to draw attention to the window from a distance. I wanted people to be puzzled, have a closer look and in so doing take in the sparkle.

I have seen people point and their hands follow the lines of the legs to their friends standing next to them before they press their noses up against the glass to take a closer look at a ring or a Micromosaic!

We went for three shelves because they tend to have three collections on show – and the bespoke window on the other side. I wanted to use a material that hasn’t been used in any other fine jewellery store in the area, so I did a lot of research – combined with the vibe of Nourbel & Le Cavelier, which is modern and relaxed. We needed to feature the brand name and colour more – so I framed the window in purple and highlighted the engraved logo in purple aswell. As they also trade in unusual stones, I wanted to do something contemporary, unusual but sumptuous and with a nod to a classical material like marble.

n&lc window display

Georges Karam, of Nourbel & Le Cavelier, has worked hard with Ivana to come up with the right design and he is equally as impressed with the recent changes. Georges affirms that the new design is much more representative of the brand – it has become the true face of Nourbel & Le Cavelier. By using a more complex material such as HiMacs, it serves to echo the brand’s luxuriousness and originality. The durable material also stands for its longevity.

The economic window space features, always, their high jewellery. The larger window is comprised of three levels, with each level telling a different story and different collection. The clean design, which features feminine curves and elegant oval shapes hints at the breath-taking pieces within.

Nourbel & Le Cavelier window display

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