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On August 2nd dog lovers and their four-footed-friends took shelter from the rain in the Orvis Retail Store situated on Regent Street for the Orvis hosted Dog Pawty. Despite the miserable weather everyone arrived with smiles on their faces and wagging tails, (something which would later be important for a well-rewarded competition of WTPTS or Waggiest Tails per thirty seconds.) After drying off from the incessant downpour the guests had an opportunity to finally meet in person many of those from the dog loving community that they had become acquainted with through various media outlets. The guests included the much loved and well renowned Marcel the Corgi @LeCorgi who has taken London by storm since arriving from France, the latest edition to the pack of Kimberley’s @citydogexperts, Chaplin the Saluki, and the ginormous but oh-so-friendly Caspar of @milosdogrunning – to name but a few. The dogs all greeted one another enthusiastically and their parents caught up over platters of nibbles and a glass (or two) of wine.

Fine Wining and Dining

Fine Wining and Dining

After everyone had satiated their appetite’s – dogs included – Blake Findlay of @OrvisUk spoke about the launch of the @OrvisDogClub and revealed the advantages of becoming an @Orvisdogclub member. The membership perks were warmly received and by the end of the evening a number of the guests had signed up. Then it was on to the competitions! Amelia of Amelia and Eva’s instagram account @ameliathecav wiped the floor of the other contestants with a whopping 60 wags per thirty seconds – much to Catherine’s disappointment, who after repeatedly mentioning ‘rats’ and ‘squirrels’ to Rollo still managed to encourage an impressive number of wags. Winning PrizesThe reward for the best party trick went to rescue dog Gustavito, whose sequence of movements were not only seamless but also entertaining. However he was certainly given a run for his money by the earlier mentioned Rollo and @casparthewestie who in spite of being a little carried away by all of the excitement and trying to do his own tricks, still put on a spectacular show. The winners received great goodies from @OrvisUk and all of the participants got the benefit of snaffling treats as they performed. Eventually everyone had to begin their goodbyes but it wasn’t before contacts had been swapped and promises of an imminent reunion had been made. Since the event we have had extremely generous and enthusiastic feedback and some wonderful suggestions for the next occasion. We are aiming to get the next fun filled afternoon booked for September 28th and so we look forward to seeing as many Doggy Friends there as possible. To finish, on behalf of all in attendance we would like to extend a huge thank you to the team at @OrvisUk for hosting such an enjoyable event, and on behalf of @OrvisUK we would like to thank absolutely everyone who ploughed through the appalling weather to join us. If Lola’s exhaustion that evening was anything to go by, we can safely conclude that everyone had a brilliant time.

Arriving Guests


Had too much fun


Some fancy modelling


Party Trick O'ClockGetting Papped

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