Peace at last – Back in Mayfair

So I`m finally back in the office after what seems like a lifetime of looking after the pups. All is well in the Office, and even better for me, as I was sent a delightful present from A Hume. Under a little note, addressed to me, was a gorgeous Argentinean leather collar. Mummy put it on for me and I waltzed round the office to show to everyone my new favourite accessory. Personally I think the red and green go rather well with my fur!



So I`ve been out in Green Park for the first time in a while and I think it`s safe to say I`ve been truly missed by all the squirrels (they even like my new collar). Now, without having to worry about the puppies, I`ve been able to set to work sniffing them out and having a good run about. Talking of scents, there`s a new scent in the Office as a work experience girl is in the office and I`ve been supervising her to make sure she does a good job. I`m going to miss Mummy this weekend though as she`s off up to Yorkshire to the CLA Game Fair with Kate. Whilst I have the nonstop job of looking after the Puppies, at least I can snuggle up in my new Orvis bed!!


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  1. Lily August 6, 2015 at 9:42 pm #

    Dear Mummy,

    I thought I’d let you know how my first few days in Norfolk have been. The journey back was a bit scary because I hadn’t been in a car on such a long jouney before but we were home by 8.00pm and I was praised for not being sick or making any mess in the car…what a star I am!

    When I got here I met my new ‘sisters’ Tilley and Fern. They ignored me to start with, as I think they were a bit jealous, but today we were running around in the garden together. They have lots of toys which they let me play with and I have a few of my own. Fern keeps stealing my chew when my back is turned, so I’ll have to watch her more closely. She’s quicker than me at the moment!

    The garden is lovely and I have lots of room to run around and play. There are guinea fowl and chickens in the garden, but I’m a bit scared of them at the moment as they make a lot of noise when they see me. I’m sure I’ll have fun chasing them soon and getting my own back!

    I’m getting plenty of cuddles and attention from the humans!

    I missed you and my brother and sisters to start with, but I’m not homesick anymore as I’m having lots of fun here in Norfolk.

    I hope I’ll see you soon.

    Lots of love and licks.

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