Fit for purpose

Agency partner Claire Zambuni acts as a consultant to Helen Barbour, Vice Chairman of Barbour and head of Barbour Sporting. Claire’s work is, essentially, a product development brief, utilising her market research and marketing planning skills.

In researching the women’s shooting market across a number of specific projects, Claire has full responsibility for devising the research strategy, managing its implementation across a range of research methodologies and producing the final reports that feed in to the client’s product development programme.

In addition, Claire acts as an ambassador for Barbour, showcasing the firm’s clothing in her day-to-day activities, whenever practicable, and discussing the brand’s strengths as widely as possible through her various public roles and media outlets and via planned and sustained PR activity, including devising and hosting press events.

In addition – and uniquely, we believe, for a marketing and PR consultant – Claire plays a leading part in the development and design of Barbour’s women’s shooting range.

The all new Barbour Ladies Sporting 3-in-1 jacket and the Featherweight jacket are to be launched at the CLA this year . Claire has helped with the design and testing at the various stages with the prototypes to ensure they are completely fit for purpose.

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