Ray Ward

One of Zambuni’s biggest initiatives in working with our clients is maintaining roots whilst continuing to be relevant in a contemporary world. It may seem like a paradoxical concept, if you are reflecting on the past and looking ahead, aren’t you standing still? Zambuni sees roots as a focal point of a sphere, where innovation and forward thinking grows the proverbial circle, expanding your influence and strength as a brand without losing sight of heritage and ultimately compromising authenticity.

Ray Ward opened the doors of his business in 1961, then named Continental Sports and specialising in sports equipment, which grew to include cartridges and eventually, one of the most knowledgeable gun retailers in the world. Ray’s sons, including John Ward who designs for and overall directs the R. Ward gunmaking, continue to be important components of the business.

-The authenticity here in a family business with future generations continuing to further their father’s ideals is an ideal example of this expansion model previously described.

-Zambuni strives to communicate this concept, examining the father-son relationship in a professional environment, and profiling the sons with regards to the changing and developing company since their father’s passing. Remaining close to this concept is important in maintaining a balance between roots and innovation.

Dr. James Hay purchased Ray Ward in 2006, and brought the brand under the JMH Lifestyle umbrella. Other brands in this group include Bernard Wetherill, known for equestrian clothing, and Parc de Launay, a boar hunting lodge. “Dr. Hay has been able to make my father’s dreams a reality. He has kept my father’s influence alive in recognising his ambitions.” John is referencing the 2011 debut of the Ray Ward guns, making Ray Ward one of the only true British owned, operated and manufactured gunmakers in the world.

-New projects, recognised dreams from the past, and loyalty to a heritage market and way of business provides further examples of this brand initiative we describe.

-As a result of the Ray Ward gun debut in 2011, on 26 February, 2015, Zambuni celebrated the rebranding of Ray Ward as R. Ward Gunmakers. A drinks party was held with guests from the Worshipful Company of the Gunmakers, with help from Jonathan Young and other established members of the press.

-In bringing together influential members of the gun community, Zambuni was able to assert the developed identity of Ray Ward, providing a speech from John Ward and presentation of the new guns.

-R. Ward was moving forward as gunmakers, maintaining Ray Ward’s original influence, and Zambuni was careful to get that message across in the right forum.

With a growing digital presence, new positioning in the New Guns pages of magazines, and a targeted approach to a respectful market, Zambuni succeeds in praising the past, whilst embracing the future, further strengthening this company.

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