Puppy Pandemonium

Warning! Puppy cuteness overload below!

So puppy madness has well and truly set in, powdered milk mess, chewed toys and escapees is a common occurrence these days. The puppies are in high demand and visitors are lining up! 
C3F5D20F-CB61-482D-836F-B775CD45484E82EEF26A-AB6D-447F-8408-C4B045A1DCA7They are getting more and more playful and developing into their own little characters, each one cheekier than the next, with Lily being the Princess of the Puppy pen. Cassius is still half the size of the now very chunky girls, but he is starting to fight back and not be bullied by his sisters.

Emma, the first born and the only liver and white pup, is  well-tempered – a real cutie, who is fast becoming quite the star.1449B3A8-AA33-4DCA-855C-CFAA26AEBB0B2BB772E3-CB41-42EF-BB86-76566FE166F0

Trout is by far the biggest pup, having a troublesome birth she still lives up to that nature, still she is always trying to escape but with no luck…yet. However, her sister Lily is often found out of the pen in the middle of the night whining away as she realizes she is momentarily stranded…





We can’t wait for more puppy adventures as they grow and become more mischievous and characterful. We just pray the furnishings can withstand their tiny teeth which have now started to come through.


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