Subaru: For Your Journey

Last weekend, the Subaru UK forester 2.0i X Turbo CVT proved its worth on the road as we travelled from London to the Whittlesey and then on to Norfolk for an unforgettable trip with popstar-turned-farmer JB Gill. Packed to the rafters with country clothing and stalking gear from Orvis and Harkila, we embarked on a weekend of new experiences, sharing in a mutual love of the countryside.

Subaru packed up Subaru.

Immersing himself in the world of deer farming, JB was given unparalleled insight into deer management and best practice. The Subaru took us off-roading across the spectacular parkland that makes up the Haughton Hall Estate. During the tour of the deer park, we spotted rare species from Hog Deer to Père David’s. Back at The Hall, we also spotted a different species of Subaru, this time an outback, which confirmed Suburu’s status as the #Aristopractical car of choice.

Subaru outback

Out of the back of the Subaru we changed into our camo, ready for afternoon stalking Fallow and Roe deer hidden among the alpine woodlands of the estate. Expertly navigating the country lanes, the trusted Subaru dropped us off on the edge of the woodland, leaving us to quietly venture further into the woodland for a chance to stalk these regal creatures that call Houghton their home.


Touring the English countryside, there truly was no better companion than the forester.


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