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Spotlight on Ivana Nohel

One of the most beautiful things about beautiful things is that they bring unexpected joy with just a glance. A warm glow that, with every look, permeates through the mundane. Fabulous design and craftsmanship, with a pinch of whimsy, quite simply evoke feelings of elation. A long-time friend of Zambuni, Ivana Nohel is a London […]

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A Zambuni Collective Evening on Digital Strategy with Galante and Electric Dialogue

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” So says Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics and a previous keynote speaker at IBM’s Business Connect event. With digital fast becoming the irrefutable (and most likely irrevocable) future, statements like Qualman’s are increasingly ubiquitous in business […]

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The Zed Talks: Introducing Kate Racovolis

As part of our Zed Talks series, we caught up with Kate Racovolis, the Editor of The Mayfair Magazine, a Runwild Media group title distributed to high end commercial properties and private homes in Mayfair. We invited Kate to one of our Zambuni Collective events to discuss luxury, and how smaller brands might engage with luxury press. […]

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Fieldsports Festivities

All the best events seem to happen in the same night, and this week the Zambuni team were treated to two fantastic events with a fieldsports twist in one evening. Our Wednesday night started off with a trip to the Purdey awards for game and conservation where the brightest and best of the fieldsports world […]

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Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

The Zambuni Collective hear how to work with luxury press The Zambuni Collective community is growing. True luxury is always in style, yet for more boutique and newly established brands getting your business the right sort of press, can be challenging, particularly when competing against the giants of the industry. However, if there’s one thing […]

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Long May Pickett Reign

There is no one I know with such a defined sense of style as Trevor Pickett. A good friend and a valued client, he has already established his Burlington Gardens flagship as a destination for those that appreciate timeless elegance and style. Opened only in March, his emporium has a view on the world with […]

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