The Field and Country Fair at Cornbury Park, 10-12 June 2016

We chat to Jonathan Young, Editor in Chief of The Field, about the inaugural Field and Country Fair at Cornbury Park.

Our Fair has been fashioned for those who love to tumble a grouse, watch a labrador retrieve to hand and a trout take a mayfly. It’ll be a show where you meet old friends and make new ones, where you can learn from real experts.

It is a show where we want our visitors to get involved. The world’s champion shot, George Digweed, will be holding a Q&A session on the Friday for all those keen to improve their pigeon, clay and gameshooting. For the gundog owner, renowned trainer Howard Kirby will be running a gundog demonstration arena and training clinic. So come and see if your dog has what it takes to be perfect on the peg or an asset behind the line next season. For longdog lovers the Lurcher arena offers a chance to discover what goes in to the Lurcher breeding mix. The working dog arena, sporting dog pavilion and gundog eye clinic offer more opportunities to speak to breeders and expert trainers.

Falconry Mews sees demonstrations, seminars, falconry clubs and children’s activities, and Country Corner is crammed with things to do and make, so bring the smalls and let them learn. Or see how the big boys do it with Will Matthews taxidermy workshop.

The shooting line will see daily team ‘flush’ competitions with Barbury Shooting School, have-a-go shooting with Oxford Shooting School or the chance to hone your eye for the Glorious Twelfth with Atkin, Grant & Lang’s grouse butt. BASC will be hosting stands for game and clay shots and the airgun range is open to all.

No fieldsports gathering is complete without scoff. Tim Maddams and the Eat Wild brothers (Will and Calum Thompson) as well as other great chefs will be demonstrating every day. The ‘best shoot lunch’ masterclass is one to add to the diary, come and get some top tips.

The Time Inc. brands such as The Field, Shooting Times, Country Life, Shooting Gazette and Sporting Gun will be hosting ‘meet the expert’ sessions and looking forward to meeting you all.

Advance tickets are just £18 for adults, less for members of the main fieldsports associations. Go to to apply and for further details.

-Jonathan Young, The Field

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