The Makers of Mayfair

I have always been a brand girl. In fact I live and breathe them. This morning some of the most inspirational artisans of Mayfair gathered for breakfast at Browns Hotel on Albemarle Street. Calling themselves The Makers of Mayfair, unlike many brands that fly the flag, yet manufacture abroad, this special group all work and and create in England and most of them create their wares in the most special district of London and home of the Zambuni office, Mayfair.


This special group, created by Trevor Pickett of the eponymous brand, consists of people that are dedicated to nurturing and using British talent to make their product whether it be a bespoke suit from Henry Poole or Anderson & Sheppard, shoes by George Cleverley, jewellery by Wright and Teague, bespoke shirts by Emma Willis or tweed with a twist by Dashing  Tweeds.

George of Cleverley recounted the time when a customer had thought he was playing a tape of someone making shoes upstairs rather than actually doing it, Sheila Wright of Wright and Teague in the Burlington Arcade told me that they are the only company who have a workshop in the basement where they make all their stunning pieces and Henry Poole discussed how their biggest threats were not a lack of talent and customers, but space and business rates.

Browns Hotels have recently launched their incredibly successful Art Tours and it was decided to do this with the Makers of Mayfair. Media partner Spectator Life were there to see where they could help and what support there might be for coverage.

What was clear and inspirational was that this group had come together to support each other and were willing to share ideas and plans to protect this valuable and unique sector of London.

Spectator-Life Henry-Poole George-Cleverly-1 George-Cleverly Emma-Willis Dashing-Tweeds bw010 Browns-Hotel-London Anderson-Sheppard

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