The Princes Trust Charity Shoot at Englefield

I always feel like I am to the Manor born although that couldn’t be further from the truth. I grew up with neither a boot room or a black lab, but that doesn’t stop me loving a ‘stately’. Shooting is a pastime that takes you to many and The Englefield Estate in Berkshire is one of the more impressive. The home of Richard Benyon, MP and his family it was the venue for The Princes Trust Charity Shoot.


We were shooting in teams of four and breakfast of bacon rolls were in the grand hall. I was shooting with friends, veterans of the charity clay shoot circuit and amazing shots. It was obvious they had winning on their mind so … no pressure. Arranged by Louise and Jonathan Baltesz, it was quite some shoot with 5 flushes including a Purdey stand where you could shoot with their elegant Purdey Sporter.  Stratstone had kindly laid on the Land Rovers so we jumped in one until I was very forcefully told that no dogs were allowed in the car and that Lola was persona non-gratis. Mark, a fellow team member jumped to the rescue with his Mitsubishi Shogun and very kindly drove us around in his trusty steed all day.



 We shot well, apart from a drive where the sun blinded all sight of the clays until they had almost disappeared. We must have done better than we thought as after the auction, much to my surprise we were awarded with the coveted Top Team prize. The boys were hapy and I’m just hoping this means I have a place on their team again….

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