The Wet and Wild CLA Game Fair – By Tom Jones

The CLA Game Fair this year was filthier, wetter and more fun than ever!

Harewood House gave its visitors the traditional Yorkshire experience – namely, a time so grand it were matched only by the horror o’t weather. It were obviously as far north as some were prepared to travel; I heard one lass say ‘it’s quite nice up here, really, isn’t it?’ before admitting they’d never been north of Cambridge. God it were bad. The weather didn’t stop play, mind. Demonstrations went on as usual – you only get wet skin deep, after all – and shops did a roaring trade as people went under their covers for shelter. The weather also didn’t stop the glamour. People had dressed looking at the weather in the morning (glorious sunshine), which meant, of course, inappropriately. Apart from those in white jeans and Dubarrys. That’s never a bad look.


The weather were that bad it’s a bit of a miracle that the Zambuni lot didn’t get drowned, to be quite frank. They could barely walk in a straight line – not from drink, mind, but from having to swerve to greet everyone they bloody knew. It’s not often you meet women that enjoy the company of so many men at once (no; take so many men to hand; (no; I’ll get back to you on that).


However, the weather faired up for the real highlight of the Fair; the after parties. All the cool brands had ‘em, and special mention has to go to Hammond Sporting. Nowhere else was my glass filled wi’ such alarming regularity. They know the way to a Yorkshireman’s heart. They were celebrating the launch of the new Arxus boot, which went down a bloody treat. Bloody good timing, launching a new rugged boot when there’s biblical floods abaht. The Arxus boot didn’t seem to mind, though; you could fight a war in that thing, I’m telling you. It was considered a bit too heavy duty for tables and chairs, however, as the Zambuni girls were thrown off the tables (and almost out of the event) for dancing on them. Imagine the scandal had the tabloids been there.


The CLA this year, then, was a bit of a banger. There were plenty to take away from the event to be chuffed about. Lots of interest from inside and outside the traditional circles and plenty of new, shiny things for folk to coo over as well as plenty of memories made. I’ll drink free wine to that any day of the week.

tom and kate

Written by Tom Jones – our glorious intern and now good friend of the Zambuni Team.

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  1. Ann Fensterstock August 18, 2015 at 3:36 pm #

    Love! Was just ‘Up North’ from New York City this weekend and periodically called on translation services. Fabulous!

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