The Zed Talks: Introducing Kate Racovolis

As part of our Zed Talks series, we caught up with Kate Racovolis, the Editor of The Mayfair Magazine, a Runwild Media group title distributed to high end commercial properties and private homes in Mayfair. We invited Kate to one of our Zambuni Collective events to discuss luxury, and how smaller brands might engage with luxury press.

Kate Racovolis - ZC

The Zambuni Collective is a group of small luxury brands looking to learn about the world of PR and marketing.  What does luxury mean to you and your team?
Luxury is about craftsmanship, the care in how it’s made, and the thought process that goes behind it. Luxury is something out of the ordinary and unique.  It is not just about opulence or being ornate, but the story behind it. For the magazine, it is our job to curate and edit within the industry, picking the best of the best. We search for the brands that are committed to what they do and achieving excellence and then it is easy to find the leaders.

What is the best first impression a brand can offer you?
Anything personalised.  A printed lookbook and accompanying handwritten letter.  Something hardcopy and tactile helps me engage, establishing a stronger connection to the brand and its message.

What is a big mistake a brand can make when interacting with press?
The biggest mistake is not knowing the magazine and our readership well enough.  Avoid providing irrelevant information or inconsistent brand synergy.  Take the time crafting a carefully thought out email and do not cold call, as editors have limited time.

Can you give us an example of a great experience you remember from a brand you have worked with?
From a smaller brand, it has to be the personal touches and details.  It is hard to compete with bigger brands, but nothing beats a handwritten letter, a swatch of the fabric or a look book.  I really appreciate something personal and distinctive. It shows the brand has spent the time and care about the message they are conveying.

What are a couple of things a brand can do to stand out to you and your team?
I connect most strongly with a brand when they know the stage. Make sure you know the publication inside and out and understand the opportunities for content and the readership’s tastes.  Always make suggestions to start the conversation.

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