William Evans Gun & Rifle Makers: The Pursuit and Love of the Outdoor Sports

Zambuni is thrilled to release the latest film for William Evans, a project we hold dear. A pillar of our business, Zambuni considers film and video one of the most exciting and effective platforms we use.
This film for illustrates how William Evans opens the door to all who are interested in taking up shooting and has helped create a lifestyle for three passionate individuals.

Alastair Philips, London General Manager for William Evans opens by reflecting on the day William Evans became a driving force in how his commitment to fieldsports would develop.

“My first knowledge of William Evans was my first gun…there was a big ceremony about it. I’d had it handed down to me and I knew it was a huge honour to receive this, so I had a built in loyalty to William Evans right from an early age.”

Claire Zambuni highlights how much more accessible and popular shooting has become for women,. She comments on the richness and diversity in the William Evans offering, and the extensive range of beautiful clothing and accessories for ladies in the field. “In my humble opinion, William Evans is the go-to shop in London. You have that whole range of clothing whether you are stalking, game shooting, going for a country lunch or dressing for a country house party, William Evans have it to such a spectacularly high standard.”

“Some of these firearms are a hundred or two hundred years old. You are buying it as the legacy holder for now, but it is something that is generational,” explains Managing Director James Cox.

Get to know how William Evans became an important part of the lives of three shooting enthusiasts, and will continue to inspire others for those generations to come.

Click below to view the video or visit the WIlliam Evans Youtube channel here.


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