What is the ZC ?

London is at the heart of a renaissance of craft, skill, and a deepening appreciation of the investment of time and talent as essential to true luxury.

‘What is Luxury’, currently at the V&A, explores the definition of luxury through the ages, attempting to find a wider definition of the concept, encompassing skill, passion and time invested.

London Craft Week in early May showcased exceptional craftsmanship through a journey-of-discovery programme featuring hidden workshops, celebrated makers, lesser known makers, and highly specialised skills.

Best of Britainia celebrated the lesser-known dedicated craftsmen of Britain.

The community of people central to this renaissance are craftspeople, artists, and the entrepreneurs running the independent brands that represent them. The Zambuni Collective gathers the craftspeople, artists, entrepreneurs and journalists key to this renaissance for lunch and a salon discussion of issues central to this community.

As a Communications Agency with years of experience with authentic heritage brands in the luxury and country lifestyle sector, Zambuni PR has identified a need within this community of ‘Movers and Makers’ for support in a variety of areas. The Zambuni Collective has been founded to meet this need.

Most of our clients have very small budgets and are unable to compete in traditional ways against the larger, anonymous, ‘luxury’ brands so we specialise in exploring new ways to help them to be involved in an ever-competitive market and bring out their uniqueness. Many of the brands we work with are not clients, but all share a passion for craft, authenticity, and heritage.

The Zambuni Collective inaugural event was an intimate lunch and roundtable discussion at Pickett, Burlington Gardens. The event helped brands identify and explore the potential and opportunities surrounding sponsorship, presence, and branding at exclusive outdoor events; the second event will focus on raising brand profile in the media. Attendees at the first event included specialists from organisations such as the CLA (Country Landowners Association who organise the annual Game Fair), Dubarry, Best of Britannia, and others, as well as brands such as Pickett, Patey Hats, and Hirsch Tailoring.

‘Defining luxury is not a simple task, but it is so much more than the flashy designer labels. We identified that the smaller, independent, luxury brands needed support in certain areas so created the Zambuni Collective to provide this foundation’ – Claire Zambuni


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