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As the final hours draw nearer on the last day of my week with the Zambuni PR, I am repeatedly assured that the week I graced the office was one of the quietest ever. I am not sure whether this is a subtle compliment of my work rate or I genuinely has terrible luck in making myself available in the one week which lies between all of the important and interesting events. Despite the claims of “it’s never this calm here”, I believe that I have accomplished a substantial amount and been witness to many important goings on. As any intern must endure, a trial-by-fire to test competence was set upon as soon as came into the office – uploading the contact database. Initially, the burden of this task seemed more laborious than beneficial to my understanding of PR, which, after all, was the whole point of my being at Zambuni. However, only in the act of carefully updating contact details used by the firm did I realise just how essential to PR business this is. The significance of an effective network of contacts became apparent and, spurred on by this revelation, I completed my first job.

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Having been inducted into the world of PR, I was now ready to approach my first real project. Stacked high on my desk were recent publications of GQ, The London Magazine, Vogue and others as I poured over the fashion and style articles searching for more potential contacts. There was beginning to be resonating theme to my work – contacts. Having no real experience of PR before this week, and no strong ideas of how a PR firm functioned, I was surprised to learn the extent of dependence on contacts in this business. I quickly deduced that one can a master of communication and branding, but if you don’t have the contacts, the process falls on its face. Following on from that project, I moved on to a more precise line on enquiry, as my next research project was based on the well-dressed male celebrity. My objective was to acquire to contact details of the stylists and agents of notably sharp dressed men, who were suitable for the clients. The intention of this was to eventually have these men seen with our clients’ products, such as luggage or jewellery. Having seen celebrities for as long as I could remember being used by companies to gain exposure or promote their exclusivity, I was fascinated to learn how the process of this worked. Finally, on my last morning with Zambuni, shortly before I began writing this, I edited a press release for Barbour’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Women’s Sporting line, which is soon, I understand, to feature in several fashion blogs, amongst other places. The diversity of work required in PR is what has struck me the most in my week with Zambuni, and I fear this has just been the tip of the iceberg…

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