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Musings from the Zambuni world. Below we explore the best of both town and country.

Game On

Celebration seemed to be the theme of this year’s Game Fair what with the extremely successful launch of Orvis brand new Helios 3 Rod and William Evans’s deliciously smart St. James Tweed and new gun. The Zambuni team hosted a drinks reception with British Polo Gin in honour of the launch of Orvis’ new rod, attended by James Stokoe, The London Fly Fishing Fair and The London Wing Shooting Fair founders John and...

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Claire Zambuni for CazaWorld on Spanish quail

Claire Zambuni reflects on her fieldsports pursuits in Spain and shares the exclusive story of her trip with Butler del Prado with CazaWorld. Spain remains one of my favourite countries to hunt in. I adore the varied landscapes due to the sheer vastness of the country, the guns, the people, the climate, the food and the wine. I always think there is a great...

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The Balvenie Shooting Cup at Boisdale

A bright, crisp morning heralded the start of this year’s Shooting Chefs on Tuesday 12th September. Chefs, press and friends alike all gathered at Boisdale of Belgravia for an early breakfast of bacon rolls, rich coffee and thick pastries before boarding the open air bus which took them to the West London Shooting School. As the teams were allocated and the group disbanded, the Boisdale team...

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The arrival of the Eat Game Awards

Has fresh game ever made your mouth water? Roast grouse ever made your stomach roar? What is it about this meat that engages our tastes bud and leaves us wanting more? Some might say that it’s the chase, the thrill of the open plains – A quick breeze and a fast rush and the patter of falling rain; A dance with a live animal that...

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