Zambuni Collective

True luxury is increasingly considered an antidote to gross excess, a mark of taste, and a commitment to the best – in quality, design, craftsmanship, service, innovation, and tradition.

London Craft Week  showcases exceptional craftsmanship through a journey-of-discovery programme featuring hidden workshops, celebrated makers, and highly specialised skills. The Best of Britannia celebrates the lesser-known dedicated craftsmen of Britain. ‘What is Luxury’, currently at the V&A, explores the definition of luxury through the ages, attempting to find a deeper understanding of the concept.

London is at the heart of a renaissance of mastery, craft, skill, and a deepening appreciation of the investment of time and talent as essential to true luxury.

The Zambuni Collective gathers the craftspeople, artists, entrepreneurs, and journalists who are at the heart of this renaissance. The inaugural Zambuni Collective event was held the 2nd of June 2015 12:30 – 2:00pm at Pickett in Burlington Gardens. The event was a lunch and discussion of issues central to this community, focussing on sponsorship, presence, and branding at exclusive outdoor events. The second event will focus on raising brand profile in the media. Attendees and Members of the Collective include Charlie Thomas of the CLA Game Fair, Trevor Pickett of Pickett London, tailor Brita Hirsch, and others.

‘Defining luxury is not a simple task, but it is so much more than the flashy designer labels. We identified that the smaller, independent, luxury brands needed support in certain areas so created the Zambuni Collective to provide this foundation’. – Claire Zambuni


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