Zed Talks: Chris Horne

We sit down with the Managing Director of GunsOnPegs to talk about the business of shooting, and discuss the event to find your next gun, The World Gunmakers Evening.

Tell us about GunsOnPegs and The World Gunmakers Evening.
GunsOnPegs was launched in 2007 as a free-to-use impartial service for both members and shoot owners for the buying and selling of both single guns and full days’ game shooting. I’m really proud to say that it is now home to the largest online shooting community in the UK which seems to have captivated the shooting market selling thousands of shoot days. Gunmakers have the opportunity to advertise to the GunsOnPegs database, and now The World Gunmakers Evening allows these brands and our team to engage with our users in person.

What can we expect from The World Gunmakers Evening?
The Jumeirah Carlton Hotel has hosted us for the past four years, with their fantastic ballroom exhibiting the finest examples of guns from all the top makers and retailers. People come to find their next purchase which obviously is of huge appeal to the gunmakers. We also have a room dedicated to non-gunmakers that complement the lifestyle of the sport of shooting. Guests sample champagne and canapes whilst enjoying the fine display of shotguns and rifles on offer. It really is the only occasion where you can handle a Purdey, Holland & Holland and a Boss only a few feet apart.

What are you looking forward to most about The World Gunmakers Evening?
Our priority at this event is to make our guests feel like they have all the best models in front of them on one evening. It will help them make an informed decision that they are comfortable with and excited about. I am confident we provide this at the World Gunmakers Evening based on the calibre of brands present, and I most look forward to hearing guests say that the evening opened their eyes up to a brand they hadn’t considered before and subsequently changed their thoughts on what they might purchase.

What is your advice for buying a gun?
When someone starts to look at models and brands, it is important to look for something that catches the eye; that is something that they want to own but most importantly enjoy using. Pride of ownership is very important. Do the research, explore different guns and ask for feedback from people with expertise. You’ve got to love it though, most ‘bespoke’ guns fall into the category of what I like to call ‘men’s jewellery’ – they’re beyond functional and you’re spending a lot on aesthetics. They’re difficult to justify but if you love what you see then you’ve done exactly that!

Why is GunsOnPegs and The World Gunmakers Evening so important for the shooting industry?
GunsOnPegs has created a community of shooting enthusiasts online and as a result, made shooting more accessible and facilitated more business. The World Gunmakers Evening provides a luxury setting in central London with all the top gunmakers in one place, making the next purchase convenient. Overall, both projects are creating new opportunities for the shooting industry so we can all keep doing what we love in the future.

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