Zed Talks: Fergus Kelly

1) How long have you been shooting for and what got you into it?

I have been shooting since I was a little kid when I used to go along with my father. He would take me to shoots and send me off with the beaters whilst he went peg shooting. Before long I started to stand on the peg with him and he taught me how to use a gun safely and how to shoot pheasant, partridge and ducks. Even back then I loved the tradition of the day and the characters involved with shooting – and I still do now.

2) What inspired you to start the London Wing Shooting Fair?

I suppose the inspiration for the Wing Shooting Fair started off with the success of the London Fly Fishing Fair. That launch’s success really motivated us to try and maintain the same enthusiastic reception for the Wing Shooting Fair and to do so with the same philosophy of promoting the sport and lifestyle by using the leading influencers in that sport.

3) With regards to the success of the London Fly Fishing Fair, what do you hope to bring to the Wing Shooting Fair to guarantee the same enthusiasm?

We want to offer a variety of shooting products and services that suit everyone at every level and with a variety of different price ranges. We want to have an assortment of talks and seminars so that everyone can learn something new about the different aspects of the sport.

4) What aspects of both fairs are you most excited for?

I’m really excited to see the community of fly fisherman and shooters come together in one place and embrace their sport with like-minded people. This upcoming year we have worked very hard to make the talks and demos more relevant and interesting and to give something different to what you would usually see at the other fairs around the UK. Plus this year we will be welcoming some veBig Catch!ry big names from both sports, so stay tuned!

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