Zed Talks: Inigo Usobiaga

Zed Talks sits down with Inigo Usobiaga from Grulla about celebrating their 85th anniversary this year.

1. What are a few aspects of the Grulla brand that has allowed it to thrive for 85 years?

Grulla has made custom, handmade side by side fine shotguns since 1932. We take attention to all small detail in the process of making our shotguns. We manufacture totally handcrafted high quality guns, each shotgun is made one by one, following each customer’s specifications and details.

2. What do you think are the company’s biggest strengths?

We can make our shotguns in about 7 months from placing an order, a much shorter time frame compared to our international competitors. We have all the needed skilled gunsmiths and workers alongside each other in the same workshop. Our prices are a fraction compared to other fine shotgun makers in the UK or Italy.

3. Why is the William Evans partnership so important to Grulla?

Since 2009, we have had a collaboration with William Evans Ltd, starting with the William Evans Pall Mall model and some time later the Connaught and Connaught Premium models.  Since the start of the collaboration we have been increasing the number of shotguns made every year, and hope this will continue in the same way. And consequently, William Evans is now our biggest client. It is very important for us that such a well respected company started a collaboration with us, and the relationship has only grown. Considering the fact we are making English style shotguns so successfully, having William Evans Ltd on board means we are making something OK and that clients are happy and satisfied with the quality and line of our shotguns.

4. Why do you think the Spanish and British together produce such fine guns?

We have always had the gunmaking culture in both countries. Eibar, also called the gunsmithing town from Spain, has been making weapons for the last 5 centuries. The type of guns made were modified and the different workshops started making fine guns at the beginning of the 20th century. Grulla has been in this market since 1932. Nowadays the fine shotgun makers are the only ones that remain making guns in thearea, in my opinion because we are in this special niche of the market.

5. What are your most excited for in the future?

To continue in the market for another 85 years or more. To improve our products or at least mantain the same quality, to continue to have happy and satisfied clients. To increase our exposure in more and more countries.

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