Zed Talks: Introducing David Zaritsky

As part of our Zed Talks series, we talk to David Zaritsky, Chief Correspondent at The Bond Experience, and ask him a few questions about the social fan site that is causing a stir in the Bond community.
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How did you get into this project?  

I have always been inspired by the style of James Bond and realised that this lifestyle created impact points that together formed experiences.  People LOVE collecting positive experiences and Bond collectors love Bond Experiences.  I realized that although there were many resources online for Bond collectibles, there were few that highlighted the Bond Experiences people could have.  I wanted to create something that wasn’t just aspirational, but inspirational as well.  A site that told people to go out there and experience the world of Bond.

What is your inspiration for content on the website? 

Clothing, drinks, exercise, travel, gambling, accessories, and adventures make up the content, but the inspiration are the followers of the James Bond lifestyle in general.  I have received countless emails with feedback of how our vlogs have changed people’s lives, created a better sense of themselves, and have galvanized men and women with an interest in luxury goods and experiences.

What is your biggest challenge running the site? 

The site is my hobby, and some would think that the biggest challenge is balancing my full time job as a President of an Advertising company but they would be wrong.  The biggest challenge is prioritising content with such an influx of information and experiences to share.  For example we had no less than 9 video blogs queued up just around Spectre alone!  One other challenge is answering the hundreds of emails we receive. I do try to answer them all but it’s difficult.

How do you find a balance between authentic content and driving business through the affiliate programme? 

We just started the affiliate programme so it is too early to say, BUT what people like is our honest and frank reviews of products and experiences.  The moment it sounds like we are selling products, we will lose our audience.  When I go on and on about a company like N. Peal, I truly mean it. It has to be backed up by proof, tests, examples.  As well, I am brutally honest when we encounter a bad experience.

Do you have plans for the future of The Bond Experience? 

Right now we are enjoying the positive attention of the brands as well as the viewers.  We have over one million unique views on Youtube and Vimeo and our subscribers increase daily.  Our plan is to keep creating authentic moments so fans can determine which Bond Experience they want to gravitate to.

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