The arrival of the Eat Game Awards

The arrival of the Eat Game Awards

Has fresh game ever made your mouth water? Roast grouse ever made your stomach roar?
What is it about this meat that engages our tastes bud and leaves us wanting more?
Some might say that it’s the chase, the thrill of the open plains –
A quick breeze and a fast rush and the patter of falling rain;
A dance with a live animal that speaks of older times,
when food was less accessible and supplies were far more fine.
Is it the quality of the meat that speaks to us – its journey from the field to our forks?
Is our appreciation for our meal heightened when we know where the ingredients are sourced?
Whatever the reason, whatever the rhyme –
the flavour is superb and the texture divine.
If you think you know somebody who excels at cooking game
Then share their talents with the rest of us and please put forward their name.
The Eat Game Awards are upon us, the search for the best game begins,
whether an individual or a business – do you have what it takes to win?

James Purdey & Sons LtdBoisdale Restaurants and Taste of Game have combined their extensive knowledge and passion for game to create the Eat Game Awards. Bringing together the shooting, game meat and hospitality sectors this award will celebrate the delicious wild game meat produced in Britain. Embarking on a national search to find the champions of British game, these awards will acknowledge the efforts and success of those who make exceptional contributions to the industry. The Eat Game Awards website calls for the general public to nominate their favourite game meat business or person from the 4th September to 15th June 2018.

The Awards reflect the ever-growing use of wild game with 10 different categories and are supported by a steering group made up of experts from a cross section of the hospitality, retail, game meat and shooting worlds. 

The categories are:

  • Best restaurant regularly serving game
  • Best pub regularly serving game
  • Best game chef regularly cooking game
  • Best game farmers market stall including street food vendor
  • Best added value game product
  • Best multiple retailer selling game
  • Best small retailer selling game
  • Best game butcher
  • Game Hero
  • Champion of Champions

J B Gill, formerly of the pop group JLS and now a television presenter and farmer, is an ambassador of the Awards and the nominated charity that the Awards will be supporting is The Country Food Trust, whose aim is to feed those in need with game meat casseroles packaged in ready-to-eat long-life pouches.

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