Baked delights aboard the Nineteen 87 Bus

Baked delights aboard the Nineteen 87 Bus

Guests, press and pups alike gathered at Great Ormond Street Hospital to kick start Nineteen 87’s brilliant bus tour of baked delights. Whilst the sky was overcast and a light drizzle filled the air, no spirits were dampened and soon the meeting room was full of chattering bodies and energetic dogs.

In a fitting setting, the day started with introducing how super premium pet product Nineteen 87 has recently entered into a partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Nineteen 87 is proud to work alongside a charity that also has the family at the heart of their purpose and with pledge to donate £55,000 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity by the end of 2019, Nineteen 87 will be thrilled to see the money used wherever it is most needed.

After a further introduction from Jacqui Segal, the Deputy Director of Corporate Partnerships at Great Ormond Street Hospital, everyone boarded the phenomenal double decker bus to enjoy a morning of fresh pastries, rich coffee and warming hot chocolates. The excited dogs posed next to the beautifully twinkling fairy lights whilst bowls of Nineteen 87’s sumptuous baked bites, goat bars and Welsh Chicken, sweet potato and turmeric flavoured food circulated the decks. Guests then participated in a hilarious quiz, where many were stumped by entertaining doggy misconceptions before going on to choose their raffle ticket, the winner of which will be treated to an Orvis Dog Friendly stay at the multi-award winning Arundell Arms who have recently won the 2018 Good Hotel Guide, ‘Dog Friendly Hotel’ and ‘Best Casual Dining’ awards, to name but a few.

After a fun journey through London, Nineteen 87’s bus paused at Regent’s Park to allow the dogs a chance to stretch their legs and dive into muddy puddles –much to the general mutterings and consternation of their owners. A visit to Benugo’s Smokehouse BBQ and Grill café provided the opportunity for Nineteen 87’s creator, Graham Wheeler, to tell guests exactly why this brilliant new product is so special. After a brief history of Graham’s experience in pet product technology (which in fact stretches over 30 whole years..!) Graham explained that Nineteen 87’s slower baking process is gentler on the ingredients within the product to seal in their goodness. The resulting texture subsequently feels more natural, has a fuller flavour and aroma and a positively fantastic ‘crunch.’ He explained why baked is truly best for your dog with a brilliant comparison using Rick Stein’s example of how the baked potato tastes far superior to the micro-waved potato. In addition to its production process, Graham also explained how each product uses simple core ingredients. With 50% fresh meat, fish and poultry in every flavour it is no wonder that Nineteen 87 is being praised as wonderfully simple and pure. As Nineteen 87 also only uses UK based farms and sends the produce straight to their factory in St. Asaph’s, North Wales. Meaning, the provenance of each ingredient can be attested to, heightening its traceability and overall quality.

The only interruptions to Graham’s speech came from enthusiastic dogs who playfully chased one another in and out of the crowd and eventually re-boarded the bus, a little wet but extremely content. The morning tour concluded with a delicious lunch in the dog friendly Iron Duke. Replete and warm, the guests of the morning tour departed after final photographs and enquiries into next year’s event.

As the afternoon tour’s guests congregated at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, the sun broke through the clouds and passers-by paused to giggle at the huge ensemble of Labradors, Setters, Spaniels, Leonberger, Pomeranians and more. With introductory talks from dog experts, Milos Dog Running and City Dog Expert, the guests were thrilled to learn more about the best way to keep pet’s healthy within the city. Milos Dog Running recommended Nineteen 87 as the perfect product to support a healthy pet’s lifestyle and both speakers were met with warm laughter as they shared amusing anecdotes and tales from their years of working man’s best friend.

After a return to the bus and the further consumption of mouth-watering afternoon tea style cakes and sweets, a last expenditure of energy in Regent’s Park and the second wave of quizzes and raffle tickets, guests disembarked Nineteen 87’s bakery bus for the final time that day.

The tour received phenomenally encouraging feedback and with requests for a place on next year’s bus already made, Nineteen 87 are excited to welcome aboard their furry friends in 2018. Thank you Nineteen 87 for such a wonderfully fun and unique day!

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