Game Seminar with Jose Souto

Game Seminar with Jose Souto

The Zambuni team were lucky enough to head to the Westminster Kingsway College in Victoria last week to attend a one-day Game Seminar, with Senior Chef Lecturer, Jose Souto.

Sponsored by Lincolnshire Game, the seminar covered everything to do with identifying, preparing and cooking large and small game. Arriving at the College at 10am, we were soon seated in the lecture hall at the College, greeted by Jose and an array of small game – feathered and fur.

This lecture looked individually at each species of bird and small furred game, covering classification, recognition, hanging and preparation, from Pheasants to Partridge and Hare’s to Snipe, we were able to look at the animal’s distinctive characteristics before moving on to the preparation. It was so impressive to see Jose speak so passionately in his specialist subject and we knew that we had a fantastic day ahead.

Following our first seminar, we headed to the Brasserie to enjoy a 3-course game lunch, prepared by the students at the College. It was an impressive line-up to say the least and tasted even better than it looked! Starter: Venison, Foie gras, wild mushroom, apricot and apple terrine. Main Course: Roast Pheasant with its own pie, buttered savoy, beetroot and blackberry sauce. Dessert: Iced Vanilla Parfait with spiced poached pears.

The afternoon continued with large game, specifically looking at Venison. We met back at the lecture hall, only to be greeted by a mixture of deer types, hung and ready for butchery. We received a full demonstration on skinning a whole deer carcass, its butchery into joints and preparing the larder trimmed cuts. Jose made the whole process look effortless and rounded the day off by identifying the different deer on display and informing us on the varied seasons and locations they reside in.

Overall, the day was informative, visual and the team learnt more than they could have anticipated. We would like to say a huge thank you to Jose, Lincolnshire Game and the Westminster Kingsway College for putting on such a good day. For more information on the preparation of game meat, including recipes and where to buy your game please take a look at Jose Souto’s most recent books, ‘Feathers: The Game Larder’ and ‘Venison: The Game Larder.’ 

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