Loving London

Loving London

Some say I’m a country girl although really I’m London born and bred, like my mummy. As much as I adore the autumn and winter months, retrieving partridge and pheasant and careering around the country seeing friends, I also love the Spring and summer months. One thing is for sure, a weekend in London means long walks in the London parks and a lot of sofa snuggle time! Fishing provides the sport and a welcome jaunt to the chalk streams of Hampshire on a regular basis.

This weekend encapsulated everything I love about city life. Reading between the lines, mum was pretty whacked out after a demanding week at work and that always means lots of cuddles and attention for me. My two favourite parks are Regents Park and Hampstead Heath and we managed to cover vast swathes of both this weekend.

On Thursday, I became part of the Orvis team for various meetings at HQ in Andover. My friends there heard we were moving into an office in Marylebone this week. They surprised me with the most amazing moving in gift – a new couch bed with my name embroidered on it. I’ve spent quite a bit of time testing it out in the kitchen and I thoroughly approve.

We met a lovely lady from Pets Pyjamas at Orvis on Thursday, Nicole and imagine mummy’s delight when an invitation to #doggysunday at Gaucho Hampstead arrived by email on Friday inviting us for Sunday lunch. We em’bark’ed on an epic walk in the morning before heading to this fabulous Hampstead eatery for an Argentinian roast dinner and doggy treats for me!

Mum justified the over-indulgence with an evening yoga session whilst Patrick and I felt no guilt whatsoever making the most of sofa time. I love London.

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