Springtime Talks from St. David’s Game Bird Services

Springtime Talks from St. David’s Game Bird Services

St. David’s Game Bird Services’ series of game discussion events are back for 2020! These events are open to rearers, keepers, dealers and shoot owners in the game industry. They will have guest speakers at every event covering the latest debates from the industry including, the British Game Alliance, BASC, The Massey Harpers Feed Group and more! Their vets will also provide local disease updates and advice ahead of the season.

Established in 1999, the Game Division of St David’s Poultry Team in Exeter has continued to lead the charge for game bird welfare and best practice methods. Set up and managed under the careful direction of Alan Beynon BVM&S MRCVS, the Game Division has developed a holistic approach to preventing disease within the Game Industry – as opposed to firefighting disease once it is too late.

The game bird veterinary team, who are spread across the UK and Ireland, regularly share pioneering case findings. Such findings include, what treatments are most effective in the field, what preventative measures can be taken to prevent disease and how these issues first develop. As a result, St David’s has built a reputation for building a nationwide community who share a mutual interest in game welfare and best practice.


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