The European Nature Trust at Samsung

The European Nature Trust at Samsung

The Zambuni team attended The European Nature Trust’s (TENT) event in partnership with Samsung last week to support and raise awareness for European Conservation and we left feeling inspired to learn more about eco-tourism and the wild that is returning to Europe.

TENT is a UK-based conservation charity supporting a number of projects that aim to restore populations of Europe’s carnivores, such as bears, lynx and wildcats in the places where they once flourished, from Romania to Italy, Spain and Scotland.

The Importance of European Wildlife and Conservation Journeys was held at Samsung’s UK home of innovation, ‘Samsung KX’, and marked the start of an ongoing programme of partnership activity for 2020. The evening began with an inspiring short film and talk from Chris Morgan – renowned Wildlife biologist, ecologist and TV presenter. Chris was joined by a panel of speakers from various European conservation projects covering a range of different causes and focuses:

  • Juan Carlos Blanco – Fundación Oso Pardo Protecting the wildlife in Spain and the brown bears that are currently considered as endangered there.
  • Simona-Elena Bordea – Foundation Conservation Carpathia – committed to the protecting and restoration of Romania’s natural resources. Romania has 250,000 hectares of virgin forest, mostly in the Southern Carpathians, which constitutes the largest unfragmented forest area in Europe.
  • Angela Tavone – Salviamo l’Orso – striving to grow Marsican brown bear numbers within the Abruzzo National Park.
  • Carmen Rueda Rodriguez – CBD Habitat Foundation – work implementing projects dedicated to the recovery, conservation and reintroduction of the Iberian Lynx.
  • Pieter-Paul Groenhuijsen – Alladale Wilderness Reserve – TENT helps to fund the recovery of the Scottish wildcat, the reintroduction of the threatened red squirrel and the environmental education of hundreds of children every year through the HOWL programme.

These 5 magical places are doing critical work on the ground to ensure that Europe is no longer underrepresented with eco-tourism and to promote the amazing work being done to conserve Europe’s most threatened species and those improve habitats in which they once thrived.

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