Shelf-Isolation: Some great reads at Orvis Regent Street

Shelf-Isolation: Some great reads at Orvis Regent Street

As it stands, the number of Coronavirus virus cases and deaths being tallied on the proverbial chalkboard are increasing at an alarming rate. In light of this, the government are set to advise us with stricter self-isolation measures for containing the deadly Covid-19 virus. For example, in the event that one household member falls ill, the entire household will be asked to stay home for 14 days.

Now, as a rule of thumb, fly fishers are usually quite content with taking to the riverbank for the day without seeing a single soul – an almost self-inflicted self-isolation if you will. So surely this whole self-isolation thing should be a doddle? Well, the problem is, that you are assuming that one can self-isolate on the riverbank for 24 hours, 7 days a week – sounds like heaven. Which could indeed be a possibility if you are retired, intend to stock up on baked beans and live in a coarse-fishing-esque bivvy until it all blows over. But for most of us, this simply isn’t a reality.

So, we’ve compiled a selection of fantastic reads that can all be bought instore at the flagship Orvis UK store in Regent Street, to transport you to the great outdoors and prevent you from going stir-crazy. Whether you are a novice or experienced fly fisher, or someone who loves all things shooting and gundogs – come and shelf-isolate with Orvis UK.

The Feather Bender’s Flytying Techniques, Barry Ord Clarke

This ground-breaking fly tying book comes from Barry Ord Clarke, who held an exclusive fly tying demo at our Regent Street store in London back in January.

Why is it groundbreaking? It is the first to have a QR code/YouTube link for every single pattern demonstrated. You can now watch the whole process online then turn to the matching chapter in the book to find the recipe and follow all the step-by-step instructions so that you can tie your own fly in your own time.

The book also has a contact link to Barry himself – meaning you can ask for advice if you get stuck on a pattern!

Orvis: From Lure to Fly, Karcynski

What makes Orvis From Lure to Fly different from other entry-level fishing books is that at each and every juncture, it empowers anglers to translate and transfer their pre-existing knowledge bases and skill-sets, rather than asking them to learn a new sport from scratch. The book progresses species-by-species as it introduces and reinforces core fly fishing concepts, all while using, whenever possible, analogues from the conventional fishing world. Each chapter will give anglers ideas for using their new skills on waters they already fish in pursuit of species they already understand.

That Strange Alchemy: pheasants, trout and a middle aged man, Laurence Catlow

“I need to start thinking like a shooter, for shooters and fishers, even though they are often the same person, think very differently.” So writes author, Laurence Catlow, as his fishing season on the lonely northern rivers comes to an end, and he prepares for his next shooting season on his own small shoot on the edge of the Pennines. Many sportsmen enjoy both shooting and fishing, and in That Strange Alchemy, Catlow examines:

  • fishing and shooting memories and why they differ
  • why both sports are so important to him
  • the loss of his shooting dog and the undertaking of a new one
  • ‘best’ fishing days and how these differ from ‘best’ shooting days
  • the anxieties of running a guest shooting day
  • fishing in middle age compared to in youth

Feathers: The Game Larder

Could this be the ultimate game cookbook? In Feathers – the Game Larder Steve Lee’s stunning photographs showcase more than the 55 modern, international recipes from master game chef Jose Souto and his culinary friends they impart the beauty of game birds in the field, from source to plate. Chef Jose’s combined love of fieldsports and cuisine gives him an insight into the best way to harvest, store, prepare and cook the birds.

  • how to pluck, clean, de-bone, butterfly, crown, truss, fillet and stuff game birds
  • smoked, barbecued and outdoor recipes
  • new ideas for shoot lunches
  • step-by-step butchery
  • 55 modern, international, simple and sophisticated recipes from sloe gin game pie to pheasant tikka to smoky pigeon breast salad, grouse risotto and game and chestnut sausages

Additional recipes from guest chefs include Michel Roux, Brian Turner, Phil Howard and Nigel Barden.

Fieldsports Journal – Volume III Issue II (February/March 2020)

As the nation becomes increasingly conscious about what they put on their plate for both health and sustainability reasons, Fieldsports Journal decided that Volume III Issue II should be their very first food-themed special. Therefore, they called upon none other than Michel Roux Jr to guest edit the issue, owner of the two Michelin-starred Le Gavroche restaurant, highly acclaimed food author and TV presenter to celebrate all that is good about game.

In his foreword, he writes: “As much as I enjoy being in the field, I’m far better at cooking and eating game than shooting it. We feature a wide variety of game on the menu at my restaurants, such as wild rabbit, occasionally wild hare (my wife’s big treat), and feathered game and some diners will always go for game the moment it’s on the menu.

As well as stocking copies of Fieldsports Journal, Orvis Regent Street also stock their sister publication: Gundog Journal. As well as offering pearls of wisdom from expert contributors covering gundog training and care, it also covers an unrivalled insight into the best dog-friendly places to stay in Scotland – written by our very own Claire Zambuni.


The Pigeon Shooters Diary, Tom Payne

The definitive manual on shooting pigeons from the highly experienced Pigeon Shot and Shooting Times contributor Tom Payne. A comprehensive, instructive and easy-to-read guide, The Pigeon Shooter’s Diary commences with descriptions of the quarry species, equipment and accessories followed by an in-depth guide to fieldcraft, reconnaissance and shooting instruction. The Diary runs through the calendar year detailing the different techniques and skills needed for the changing conditions, all topped off with memories of special days in the field. A must for all who love pigeon shooting, young and old.

Sawday’s Special Places to Stay: Dog Friendly Breaks in Great Britain

This well-researched and brilliantly presented guide offers authentic and delightful places to stay with your dog. Including places to suit all pockets, this guide to dog-friendly pubs, hotels, b&b’s and self-catering accommodation will help you plan your holiday and also makes an ideal gift for Mother’s Day. Sift through the pages to find unexpected generosity and dashes of eccentricity in places where a dog can share your room. B&Bs, hotels, weekend boltholes and inns: remote and simple or wrapped in luxury, each one is special in its own way.

Wanderlust: Hiking on Legendary Trails: Gestalten

The Narrows Top Down Route, the spectacular El Caminito del Rey in Spain, the fabled Kumano Kodo pilgrimage in Japan, or a mythical hiking path in the land of the giants in Norway – Wanderlust explores legendary hiking trails in enchanting corners of the world and over a variety of terrain: thin ice and desert sands; coastal tracks and forest pathways.

Spectacular photography illustrates journeys to sharp summits, astonishing vistas, and phenomenal locales. With maps featuring noteworthy locations alongside background information and practical tips by Cam Honan, an expert who has hiked many of the trails himself, Wanderlust will suit both intrepid beginners and seasoned trekkers.

From modern-day transcendentalists or those who simply desire a casual break from concrete scenery, Wanderlust allows readers to live vicariously through vivid portraits or use the trips as impetus for their own hiking journey. Following faded footsteps of migrating animals or paths of ancient trade routes, the trails featured in Wanderlust offer both outdoor exploration and enjoyment.

The pictures in here are particularly stunning! And wouldn’t look out of place next to a box of tissues and some hand sanitiser on your coffee table.

At the time of writing, Orvis Regent Street had made the decision to revise their opening hours to 10:00 am – 18:00 pm Mon-Sat in response to Coronavirus. Normal Sunday opening hours of 11:00 am – 17:00 still apply. Keep an eye on Orvis UK’s Twitter account for further announcements.

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