Orvis UK joins Anglers Against Pollution campaign to protect Britain’s waters from pollution

Orvis UK joins Anglers Against Pollution campaign to protect Britain’s waters from pollution

We have always been proud to work with fishing organisations. Not only because fishing connects us with nature, destresses us and brings likeminded fish enthusiasts together – but because of its inextricable links to conservation.

We are extremely pleased to announce that our long-standing client, Orvis UK, has been welcomed by The Angling Trust as their launch partner for its Anglers Against Pollution campaign. The campaign endeavours to keep Britain’s rivers, lakes and coastal waters free from pollution. To show its commitment to protecting the environment, Orvis UK is donating 5% of every online sale from its PRO Collection to the campaign.

The UK’ Government has repeatedly said that it wants Britain to become a world leader in conserving both the environment and biodiversity but has frequently failed to back this up with action. Anglers Against Pollution seeks to hold the government to account for its promises and responsibilities to protect our waterways and has called for improved monitoring of pollution and proper enforcement against those responsible. Here are some key quotes from this exciting partnership:

Adrian Woolford, Managing Director of Orvis UK, said: “The Angler’s Against Pollution campaign is a fantastic effort to give all angler’s a voice in the fight to safeguard our environment here in the UK for future generations to come. As a brand, our core values are to protect and preserve nature and so we are delighted to be showing our commitment by giving 5% of every online sale from the Orvis PRO Collection to support the launch of this vital work.” 

Jamie Cook, CEO of the Angling Trust & Fish Legal, said: “The commitment to donate 5% of all UK sales of the Orvis PRO Collection is a significant investment in the work we are undertaking to fight for fish, fishing, and the aquatic environment. The support of Orvis and their customers will make a notable difference to the scale and strength of our campaign work and is a superb example of how we can each have a positive impact on the sport we love, the environments we value, and the fish we dream of catching.”

Charles Rangeley-Wilson, author and conservationist, said: “As a proud Angling Trout Ambassador, and a passionate fisherman and campaigner for cleaner water in our rivers, I am delighted that Orvis UK has decided to support the vital work of Anglers Against Pollution.”

Marina Gibson, Ambassador for both Orvis UK and the Angling Trust, said: “We have laws in place that should be protecting our waterways from pollution, but they are simply not being enforced in a meaningful way. The government needs to invest in enforcement, incentivise the updating of sewage systems, and ensure that companies and individuals who pollute our rivers are held to account. If we don’t act now it will be too late.”

A new video highlighting Orvis UK’s support for the campaign and the effects pollution is having on our waters can be viewed here.

You can show your support too. There are four simple ways in which anglers can add their support to the fight to protect rivers, lakes and oceans:

  • SIGN the Anglers Against Pollution campaign petition calling for existing laws to be enforced and the UK’s water environment to receive the protection it deserves.
  • WEAR our new Anglers Against Pollution logo with pride by buying one of the campaign’s T-shirts or Hoodies.
  • JOIN the Angling Trust today – the more members we have the louder our voice when demanding change.
  • BUY from the Orvis PRO Collection – remember, 5% of online sales goes directly to the Anglers Against Pollution campaign.

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