Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Zambuni actively seeks out partnership opportunities for its clients and contacts with a clear strategy in mind. With our wealth of experience and contacts built up over the past years, we pride ourselves on developing strategic partnerships that last the test of time.

We seek to assist both parties with what they are looking for, whether this is researching a new geographical area or developing a larger customer base, partnerships are normally driven by the benefit of risk-sharing and resource pooling. Zambuni focus on identifying and building strategic partnerships that provide an impartial, insightful and objective approach in an increasingly complex, fast-moving and challenging business environment.

True partnerships never go out of style and companies regularly seek partners with complementary capabilities to gain access to new markets and channels. These partnerships must be built upon with effective internal communication and trust, with defined roles and responsibilities and a plan for evolution.

Partnerships normally call for commitment rather than significant investment and it usually takes time to build up the relationship involving regular reviews to refine and develop the agreement. Therefore, partnerships are long-term strategies with shorter-term activity.

To identify the characteristics of an ideal partner there are many things to consider:

Do they have the same audience? They should not be your competitors and ideally what you do should add value to their customers. You will definitely get the greatest benefit from those who have a distinct service from you but a similar audience.

They can give you access to new customers and very importantly, they want to work with you.

If they are not as excited about the partnership as you are then it will probably not work out in the long term. It’s like the movie, ‘He’s Just Not Into You.’

Our recent case studies speak for themselves:

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